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Stylist Chronicles: Alyssa Ball + Aaron Anderson

Mikaela Pabon

Posted on August 09 2015

So outside of styling my own product shots, I haven't done any other styling in quite a while. It felt really good to put my stylist hat back on... ok, that's *partially* true. I have to admit I was a nervous wreck leading up to it. In my head, I totally made this shoot out to be a lot more difficult than it really was. So it didn't actually feel good to put the stylist hat back on until I was doing the work. Until I pulled the clothes out of the garment bag and got oohhs and aahhs from the photographer and model. THEN the nerves started to dissipate and the good feelings rushed in.

Aaron was such an awesome photographer to work with, because he knew exactly what he wanted and the final edits look beautiful.

Check out some behind the scenes footage from the shoot, followed by the final edits.

Let me know what you think!


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