Have you ever uttered the words, "She looks great, but I could never wear that!" when seeing someone boldly wearing prints? Yes? Well have no fear, I have created this fool-proof list of tips to help you get your Solange on. Mixing prints will be easier than ever, when you follow these easy tips! 

Sometimes, it's just a matter of knowing where to start, and if you're not a print-wearer, starting with just one printed piece will be your beginning point.

1. Wear your print with your favorite solid pieces, to maintain your comfort level.

Whether you choose to start with a printed skirt or top, pairing that piece with your fave pair of jeans or a classic denim shirt can easily take the feeling over overwhelm out of the equation. You can even add a color colored vest or jacket as an extra layer.

When you're comfortable rocking your one print and you're ready to venture into mixing prints, the easiest tip to remember is:

2. Think of it as matching colors, not prints

When matching two or more prints, make sure that they share at least one color. That will bring the look together. Because when your prints don't match, your color story should. In other words, pair pastels with other pastels. The same goes for earth tones and jewel tones, and of course, black & white. Thinking of matching prints as matching colors makes it so much easier, right?

3. Consider stripes and leopard your "neutrals" when mixing prints

You're probably thinking, "WHAT?!? This woman has lost her mind." But hear me out - remember tip #1, "Think of matching colors, not prints." We can apply this tip here. Black or white goes with everything, right? Brown also goes with just about everything. So, let's consider matching a black and white stripe with a floral print (see images below). In this case, your floral is your dominant print, while the stripes are your "neutral". Our black & white striped Applicant Top is the perfect "neutral" for your spring/summer looks.

4. Pair two types of the same print

Sounds easy-peasy, right? It is! Two florals, two animal prints, two graphical prints. Always keep in mind tip #1, which makes mixing different prints of the same type, much easier.

5. Choose a pre-mixed print piece (say that 5 times fast!) and pair it with a third print

It can't get any easier than wearing a piece that already has mixed prints, because half of the work is already done for you! Pair the piece with a third print (or wear it alone!) for an easy, chic look. Try our Joy Departed skirt or our To Silence Dress (pictured right) as your pre-mixed print piece!


6. Play with scale & size.

The same print in different sizes will pair well together, regardless of color scheme. Stripes, polka dots & florals are perfect examples of pairing the same type of print, in different sizes.

7. Add an extra print with your shoes! 

 If you're a little nervous about figuring out which top to pair with what pair of pants or skirt, add a printed shoe to your look! Break it up with a printed top & solid bottom or go all out with prints all over! Just remember to keep the other tips in mind.

And lastly, but most important:

**BONUS TIP** Be confident!

You can apply any of the previous 7 tips, but without confidence, without feeling good in whatever you're wearing, it won't work. Love what you wear and how you wear it - be #DressedinJoy!

When your confidence is on 100, and you've mastered all of the other tips, now's the time to get creative and throw everything on at once! Florals and camo and strips and leopard...put it all together and make one AMAZING look.


We're working on a video series to show these tips (and more) in action, using pieces from our shop and items already in our closets. Give us a shout - let us know if these were helpful, and show us how you put them into action! Tag @vetudejoy and #DressedinJoy in your social media posts!!



Mikaela Pabon



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