Chanel Cruise, CUBA!

I knew the first cruise ship from the US was headed to Cuba this week, and now that the travel restrictions have been loosened a bit, Cuba is *definitely* at the top of my long list of destinations to visit.

But this?!?!? THIS. I'm dying. I wish I were there to witness this amazingness. Gaaaaahhhh!

Ok now that I've (almost) sufficiently lost my mind over this, I can go about the business of sharing all this goodness with you. Just... scroll and prepare to feast.


Yes! Chanel cruise in Cuba ????? #chanelcruisecuba

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#ChanelCruiseCuba #CocoCuba

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Chanel Cuba 2016/17 Cruise collection finale #chanelcruisecuba @chanelofficial

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Chanel 2016/17 Cruise collection #chanelcruisecuba @chanelofficial

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too good to be true #ChanelCruiseCuba #CocoCuba #Chanel #Cuba #Havana ❤️

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Más de la colección crucero de @chanelofficial #CocoCuba #chanelcruisecuba ✨✨✨

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Repost @giulielle16 #chanelcruisecuba #cococuba #details ?????

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#Repost @chanelofficial with @repostapp. ・・・ #ChanelCruiseCuba #CocoCuba

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Habano ? #ChanelCruiseCuba #WorkInProgress #Chanel #CocoCuba

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Chanel does Cuba

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They took over the runway - street, actually #chanelcruisecuba

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Karl Lagerfeld también presentó looks masculinos en La Habana #CocoCuba #ChanelCruiseCuba

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The cars on the shirts are adorable!! @chanelofficial #chanelcruisecuba Chanel gets playful!!

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