What our customers are saying

"Today, I am your inspo to shop @dressedinjoy because when I put these jeans on, I instantly broke out into a smile and dance because they fit so well, felt so good, and worked my curves exactly as God intended. 
Also- buy jeans designed by a Black woman…. It’s guaranteed you won’t have that weird back gap thing!"


"This rails shirt and @dressedinjoy jeans work cause they’ve both got a boho, animal print theme, both black printed, AND black and white against a pop of colour is a VIBE!! Like come on! If yuh cah see it, yuh blind!! 😆 "
"But can we get into how the pants are DENIM!  Yes, DENIM! When have you had a pair of jeans that looked like this? I can honestly say “I Ain’t Neva Had None” 💁🏾‍♀️😆"