Dressed in Joy

Sustainability as a Standard

Making a difference, one joyful garment at a time.

Why Sustainability?

More than 40 billion garments to unsold each year. That's almost 40% of all clothing sold, worldwide. With our current environmental crisis at the forefront, we are very mindful of the impact our clothing business can have. So instead of having hundreds of garments made with each collection, limiting our offerings, we employ a print-to-order model with our Ready To Wear collection when we launched it in May 2021.

This has given us the ability to provide several size and print options for you, in addition to keeping our out of pocket costs lower.

Made for You

Your garment doesn't exist until you order it. Once you place your order, our team in the Caribbean gets to work. Each garment is printed digitally, using less material, less water and dyes than any other manufacturer in the world.

✦ 0% inventory waste
✦ 97% less dye
✦ 75% less water
✦ 70% less CO2
✦ 50% fewer yards of material

A little about me

Do you know that feeling you get when you find that amazing piece you love? You can hardly wait to get it home, rip the tags off, and figure out what shoes and accessories you'll wear with it! That exact feeling is a huge part of why I began designing hoodies.The excitement I feel when I complete one of my designs is like no other!

As someone whose love of Hawaii runs almost as deep as my love of fashion, you'll recognize the influence of the islands in the elements I choose, in the colors and patterns, and in the stories they tell. Never one to shy away from mixing prints, I hope to inspire women to try a new color, or a new way to style that printed piece, all while radiating beauty and self-confidence!

We look forward to being your go to shop for statement-making clothing that add a little Joy to your wardrobe.

Your print-loving designer,
Mikaela Pabon

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Our Promise to you

Vêtu de Joy promises to deliver the correct order to you on or before the specified date, except where we have indicated to you that the order fulfilments are not possible or guaranteed. Please note, we are not responsible nor do we take responsibility for delays within the USPS system that delays your order. Please also note, products may appear different to how they are viewed in the listed images, however all garments are in wearable condition. Should we be liable for the incorrect order we will happily offer you a credit to the cost of your rental. Vêtu de Joy promises to rent you a garment for a short period of time, the ownership of the garments remains with Vêtu de Joy at all times and does not transfer to the client.

Rental Fee

Vêtu de Joy charges a rental fee for the rental of our garments. The rental fee is dependent on the item and its RRP as well as the cost of Dry Cleaning. The Rental Fee covers the fee of hiring the product only and includes dry cleaning. On top of this there may be additional costs such as shipping or extra dry cleaning as outlined below. When ordering a product through Vêtu de Joy, you authorize Vêtu de Joy to charge your chosen payment method for the rental fee and additional extras. Orders will not be dispatched/ available for pick up until payment is cleared and all correct information is received.


Cancellations with over (7) seven days notice are entitled to a credit to be redeemed within a one year period. Cancellations made with less then (7) seven days are only entitled to a credit of half the rental fee paid.

Product Fit and Return

Should an ordered garment not fit correctly you have the right to return it to us within 12 hours of delivery for a credit or product exchange of the rental fee minus the shipping fee. You will only be given a credit if the garment has not been worn and shows no evidence of wear/tear. You must email hithere@vetu.me stating your intent to send back the dress before shipping back. The order is considered successful if the dress is worn. The term “unworn” is determined by Vêtu de Joy.

Shipping Details

Vêtu de Joy ships Tri-state area-wide at a fee dependent on your rental garments weight. Shipping fees range from $12 - $24 and this includes pre-paid return postage. All orders will require signature on delivery, if you are unavailable to sign the parcel will be taken to your local post office awaiting collection by you. It is your responsibility to be available for delivery or collect the parcel from the post office. Your order will be sent to your selected address, we recommend nominating a secure address as you bear all responsibility for the product. Vêtu de Joy is not responsible for any late deliveries that result from the wrong address being put down on your rental form.

Your rental period starts from when the order is dispatched from our showroom and credits will not be issued for late delivery where you have not been available to accept delivery. You are responsible for posting back the dress in the prepaid return package. There is a late charge of $15 per a day for every day the garment is delayed by you. If you lose your return label you are responsible to return the garment via track-able USPS express shipping to Vêtu de Joy at your own cost.

Garment Condition

All garments are thoroughly inspected prior to leaving our showroom. We will take photos of the garment before it is sent out and will use these photos as evidence of wear/fault from wear on return. It is important to note that use of our garments are at your own risk and we will not be held liable for any health related complaints associated with our rental garments.

Try-Ons (Brooklyn Only)

Should you wish to try on a garment before hiring we allow try-ons by appointment only to our Brooklyn space. There is no obligation to rental after a try on, however any damage done during the appointment is at your expense.

Pick Up And Return/ Delivery (Brooklyn Only)

All items being rented from Vêtu de Joy can be picked up from, and returned to, the disclosed Brooklyn location if applicable. All other Terms and conditions bar shipping terms and conditions apply. Garments must be returned in the same state, as it was delivered/received. Delivery and pick up is available within a 15 minute radius of our Brooklyn location for an additional $8 per a trip, if available.


No Refunds will be given if you decide not to wear the item during the rental period. This is a condition as the items are extremely popular, and often clients are turned down as the item is already rented out.


Care and use of garments

Vêtu de Joy expects you to respect these pieces as you would your own, with care and consideration. Do not attempt to fit into an item that is clearly too small for you as this will result in damage to an item. Items are NOT to be dry cleaned by the lessee. Due to the delicacy of the items they require special care, therefore all cleaning is to be done by the lessor. You are required to tell the Vêtu de Joy if any damages occur during the time you held the item. Damages that occur during the rental period are at the cost of the lessee. They will still be required to return the item to the lessor. If the item is damaged beyond repair you must pay the valued retail price to compensate for the loss. The item is only to be used by one person (The lessee) and not by 3rd parties.


Spray/Fake Tan/ Makeup:

Please be cautious when wearing fake tans/ makeup in the garments as they may result in stains. Should the marks require extra dry cleaning there will be an additional $20 charge to the item.


Please do not smoke whilst wearing your garment, as this is highly likely to result in damage to the garment. Additionally, Please be cautious of people smoking around you, as any ash is likely to damage the item. Should an item be returned smelling strongly of smoke and/or show damage as a result of smoking/ cigarettes there will be an additional $20 dry cleaning charge.

Alcohol/Food Marks:

Marks left from food or alcohol that are not removed in the standard dry clean will incur an extra $20 dry cleaning fee.


Should you return a garment with damage that cannot be fixed within the normal dry cleaning costs you are required to:

  • Pay the full price of repairs to Vêtu de Joy. This may be additional dry cleaning or alterations. We will send you an invoice for the repairs, which must be paid within 14 days of return.
  • Should the garment be damaged beyond repair, you are required to pay the full RRP of the garment minus rental fee. Full RRP must be paid to us within 8 weeks of notification.


If you do not pay the amounts owed to us when due we will pass on the invoices to a collection company to pursue you for collections. Vêtu de Joy reserves the right to terminate your right to rent products from us at any time at our own discretion.


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