Dressed in Joy

Sustainability as a Standard

Making a difference, one joyful garment at a time.

Why Sustainability?

More than 40 billion garments to unsold each year. That's almost 40% of all clothing sold, worldwide. With our current environmental crisis at the forefront, we are very mindful of the impact our clothing business can have. So instead of having hundreds of garments made with each collection, limiting our offerings, we employ a print-to-order model with our Ready To Wear collection when we launched it in May 2021.

This has given us the ability to provide several size and print options for you, in addition to keeping our out of pocket costs lower.

Made for You

Your garment doesn't exist until you order it. Once you place your order, our team in the Caribbean gets to work. Each garment is printed digitally, using less material, less water and dyes than any other manufacturer in the world.

✦ 0% inventory waste
✦ 97% less dye
✦ 75% less water
✦ 70% less CO2
✦ 50% fewer yards of material

A little about me

Do you know that feeling you get when you find that amazing piece you love? You can hardly wait to get it home, rip the tags off, and figure out what shoes and accessories you'll wear with it! That exact feeling is a huge part of why I began designing hoodies.The excitement I feel when I complete one of my designs is like no other!

As someone whose love of Hawaii runs almost as deep as my love of fashion, you'll recognize the influence of the islands in the elements I choose, in the colors and patterns, and in the stories they tell. Never one to shy away from mixing prints, I hope to inspire women to try a new color, or a new way to style that printed piece, all while radiating beauty and self-confidence!

We look forward to being your go to shop for statement-making clothing that add a little Joy to your wardrobe.

Your print-loving designer,
Mikaela Pabon

Are you in need of a personal stylist? Vêtu de Joy owner and resident Mixed Print Maven, Mikaela Pabon, is a School of Style certified Stylist and offers a number of services to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle.

  • Are you always on the go and don't have time to shop or dread stepping foot in the mall?
  • Do you feel you lack that keen sense of style?
  • Are you about to start a new job and need help with a new wardrobe?
  • Are you in need of a post baby wardrobe?
  • Or just need a closet overhaul?

We have you covered. Choose from our one of our four styling services to best fit your needs and let's get started!  

In-Person Styling - $250 (up to 5 hours)

We make it easy for you with our In-Person Styling, where we come to your home for a full Closet Audit or Mix & Match outfits from your on wardrobe, or we meet you out in the world for Shopping. We deliver cost effective and personalized wardrobe consulting for your individual lifestyle. We know that your wardrobe is a reflection of your image and personality and with so many fashion trends and shopping options, navigating the right clothes for your individual look and lifestyle can be a difficult task. Our sole focus is to help you maximize your existing wardrobe by creating new outfits from the clothes you already own and teach you to shop-smart for new items that fit your wardrobe, personal look and image you want to project.

Personal Shopping - ($50/hr)

As fashion lovers, we are front and center on what styles are trending. Using all our resources, we will create a wardrobe you will love. Here are some ways we can work with you:

  • Personal one-on-oneshopping: We will shop side by side with you
  • We will pre-shop picking out items for you to try on: Our clients love this client because all you do is just show up and try on
  • Closet shopping: We go through your closet first and then hit the shops to fill in the gaps 

Post-Baby Shopping - ($50/hr)

So you’ve had your baby. Let us rediscover your personal style by packing away the maternity clothes. You have a new post-baby body that you may be struggling to dress (I know, I've been there!), and there’s not enough time in the day for you to figure out what cuts and styles really complement your new shape. Every mom deserves a day of pampering, away from the family for some “me” time. Take a day for you and let us take care of the rest.

We’ll start with a mini-closet audit, and then hit the stores for an hour or two of shopping. When we get back to the house, we’ll pair your new outfits; take a few pictures and you’ll find yourself suddenly transformed from an overextended mom into the Chicest mommy of the day. And now with a new wardrobe and a new body, when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

Event Styling 

Do you have an upcoming event? Going on a first date? Getting away for the weekend? Or need a new wardrobe for the season We’ve got you covered.

  • Special Event:Let us dress you from head-to-toe for that office party, black-and-white ball, weddings or anything else on your social calendar. We love styling for events because it gives you the opportunity to wear clothes you normally wouldn’t wear everyday.
  • First Date: We know that first impressions last forever. Let us help you leave a lasting impression or even a second date. We will work with your wardrobe to help you find the outfit that reflects you but also makes the occasion one to remember.
  • Seasonal Shopping: Looking to get started on your Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter wardrobe? Well, you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe, unless you want to. We help you find pieces that will compliment seasonal transitions by adding a few pieces to perk up what you already have in your wardrobe.

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