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With travel & travel groups on the rise, we thought it would only be right to compile a gift guide for they frequent, style-conscious traveler. Our collection of statement pieces makes the perfect addition to any wardrobe, but since I am a travel-lover, you'll notice that our pieces have a very resort feel. Whether you're traveling to Florida or the Maldives, you'll find something in this list (hopefully several things!) that you'll be able to take on with you on your world travels, or purchase for the stylish traveler in your life.


CalPak Luggage (2pc set, $265, pictured above) - Because what you pack your clothing in is just as important as what goes inside of it! These suitcases aren't just stylish, but super functional. They're expandable for extra packing power (for those extra pieces you pick up during your trip), separate compartments, including zippered and elastic accessory pockets to keep all your jewelry in tact. 

Nicole Miller Optic Luggage

Nicole Miller - (3pc set, $219.85, pictured above) If you'd rather stroll through the airport on the bolder side, try this 3-piece Nicole Miller set with a leopard print (!!) lining.

Unlikely Market ($50) - Plaid weekender duffle bag that is able to be monogrammed. Perfect for a weekend trip.

Love Cortnie, Spotted Calf Hair Clutch ($158) - One thing we sometimes forget to bring along is a small bag for going out, when on vacation. Clutches are perfect because they can double as extra storage in your suitcase. I love this one (it may or may not be on my list to Santa!). I have her camo clutch already and absolutely adore it.




Henri Bendel, Travel Jewelry Case ($98, pictured left) - There is no questioning it... this is DEFINITELY on my Christmas list! It's small, it's functional, and it's STRIPED!! With a drawstring pouch, ring slots and a zippered closure, it's a must-have for the traveling fashionista on your list.

Stringgles Head Wrap ($17) - Let's face it, all travelers have been on vacation and had a bad hair day. Due to the limited amount of products you are allowed to travel with, you may not have been able to fix it. Well, a headwrap is perfect for the get up and go traveler. Make the most of your time by rocking a headwrap as a statement piece. The ends of each headwrap has been cut using pinking sheers to reduce fraying edges.

DollCirca1930 Teala Bracelet ($30, pictured above) - Whether touring in casual attire or dressing up for a night on the town, wander and explore with DollCirca1930 on your wrist.

Lorraine West Jewelry, Chevron Cuff Bracelet ($185, pictured below) - The perfect addition to any outfit. Wear it to the beach, with your low-v neck suit and give Super Woman vibes, or punch up your daytime explorer look with this gorgeous, brass statement piece.

RemixdPieces, Ankara Bangle Set ($50) - Add some color to your travel 'fits with an arm full of ankara bangles. Perfect for a pop of color to any simple outfit, or slay with print on print everything. 

Lost Queens, the Zoe ($27) - Our Zoe choker is perfect for fashionistas that travel because of its minimalism and versatility. You can dress this piece up or down, slick your hair back and still slay after a day in the pool or slip on with a pair of heels for a night on the town.




522 Envy, Blanket Scarf ($25, pictured left) - Blanket scarves are the ultimate go-to travel item for their versatility to transform an outfit from chic to conservative. When you're on the road, options are a necessity, and blanket scarves can be worn in so many different ways -- as the main piece or as an accessory. Plan on wearing this look on the plane because these scarves double as a blanket when you're trying to take a snooze!





Queen Adwoa's Closet, Burkina Faso Leather & Woven Purse ($125) - Handmade authentic leather purse from the African nation of Burkina Faso. As a unique feature, this beautiful purse with square shape, sports two looks in one .. Perfect for the travelista who likes to pack light! ... The front side reflects an African village sunset image in cream and brown suede leather ... While the reverse side highlights intricate weaving of the Burkina Faso people. Bag contains both leather handle as well as strap for versatility and comfort on the go!

Vêtu de Joy, Sweet Disposition Pants ($110, pictured above) -  For the traveler who never compromises style for comfort, our Sweet Disposition Pants are the perfect gift! Your favorite stylish traveler can dress these comfy pants up or down, wearing them with a pair of Stan Smiths while traveling, or a pair of colorful strapy sandals for dinner. 

Closet Chemistry, Regal Shirt Dress ($295, pictured below) - This shirt dress is perfect because it can be used as a stylish shirt by tying, used as a light jacket to go over pants or warmed up by throwing a sweater tunic over it for a cool layering affect. Added plus, it takes up little room in your luggage.


My Travel Crush, Tees ($26.49, pictured above) - Travel tees that are stylish and perfect for traveling light. They're easy to dress up or down, because of course, versatility is key when traveling!



Vêtu de Joy, Midnight Jumpsuit ($98) - When you're not in the mood to put an outfit together, the next best thing is a jumpsuit! This one piece is perfect for the style-concious jetsetter who wants to be comfortable and fly, with minimal effort. 

Beauty by Africa Miranda, Facial Elixer ($40, pictured above) - Inspired by the luxurious beauty found in Brazil, her facial elixir blends Maracuja Oil, Cupuacu Butter with other skin-nourishing ingredients. Travel-ready in a carry-on compatible size, and perfect for keeping up your skin care routine while away from home!

Planned Perfectly, Shea Butter Supreme Soap Bar ($7) - Our Shea Butter Supreme soap bar is a super conditioning bar of soap perfect for those on the go. It is made with over 35% Shea Butter and free of artificial chemicals and ingredients.

So Posh Beauty, Travel Skin Care Beauty Box ($49.95, pictured below) - This gift box celebrates the stylish traveler. The 3 step skincare system is TSA friendly and comes packaged for travel, it has a travel inspired beaded bracelet, a do not disturb sign for your hotel room door and much more.

Cocoa Butter Mothers, Align Chakra Tuning Oil ($20) - Align Chakra Tuning Oils were created to facilitate emotional, spiritual, and physical balance and clearing in an easily applied aromatherapy roll on. Keep them on hand when traveling to add to your relaxation routine!

Karess Krafters Apothecary, Feminine Spray ($6.50) - My feminine spray is perfect for a frequent traveler. It works well at giving a boost of confidence when a male/woman is not able to clean private parts. It also works well as a deodorant - double duty!

Planned Perfectly Natural Organic Essentials, Body Mists ($5) - When you are a stylish traveler on the go, sometimes your look need a quick refresher. Our Pure Relaxation Body Mist are universal in that they can become whatever you need: after bathing spray- check, room refreshers- check, bed linen soother- check, on the go pick me up- check.

Clara Bea Essentials, Mega Mango Hair Growth & Scalp Oil ($12) - This oil is perfect for your hair in any weather conditions! A little bit is all you need to revive any style while on the go!

Salubria Holistic Beauty, Tub Tea ($10.75, pictured left) - Tub Tea is a teabag made to quickly transform any bath by infusing it soothing salts, florals and herbs. Simply throw the tea bag away when you're done. 2 Tub Teas per package. Easy-to-pack, and won't get damaged in luggae. Perfect for an aroma-therapudic bath and relieving aching muscles during or after travel.



Goodnight Darling Co., sample kit ($29, pictured above) - Goodnight Darlings Sample Kit is the perfect way to rest on the go. It includes samples sizes of our best selling products to help you get an amazing sleep while traveling.

Gavin Luxe, Citrine Room & Body Elixer ($18) - A fresh citrusy fusions of California lemons, bergamot, mandarine, nectarines, peaches and apricots with a base of fresh ginger, jasmines and vetiver to refresh your hotel room or your person, while on vacay.

Red Velvet Paperie, Hustle In Flow Notebook ($15, pictured below) - Our journals would be a great fit for travelers! As they are small and able to fit inside carry-on travel bags and laptop bags. Choose from a hardcover journal or a spiral bound journal notebook. Each journal has a motivational saying or quote on the front of them for an interesting conversation piece. Travelers can use Journals to write down their thoughts, inspirations and experiences while traveling.

Deanna kei & Dana Lardner, The International Fashionistas Lookbook Diary ($14.99) - The International Fashionistas Lookbook Diary is perfect for the young fashion savvy jet setter on your list. It's a style driven coloring book and design journal packed with creative prompts to get an aspiring fashionista designing her own runway collection. The book introduces ten fashion girls from around the world on color pages and includes tidbits about each country and asks the reader to fill in their own travel goals. Fashionistas can have fun and be creative while closing the global gap between us.

 Aisha Adams, Vegan Curious ($20) - Vegan Curious will help new transitioners stick to their vegan lifestyle while they are traveling. Vegan travelers can use the worksheets inside to ensure they are getting proper nutrition as they navigate new cities. Plus, Vegan Curious is a great read for the plane or train.

If you're in need of a little style/travel inspiration, we've also compiled a list of stylish travelers to follow on Instagram.


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