Inspired by... Africa Rising (Styled by Solange Franklin)

#DressedinJoy: Mikaela Joy in Mixed Prints Reading Inspired by... Africa Rising (Styled by Solange Franklin) 1 minute Next #HashtagBK - Pop-up Shop on Jan. 30th

Sometimes you come across an editorial that COMPLETELY blows your mind. This is one of them. I just happened across one image on Instagram and kept following the tags until I came across the entire editorial over on DRAW. DROPPED.

Solange Franklin has been on my radar for quite some time, as she is/was Giovanna Battaglia's assistant. More than that, she's a very talented stylist in her own right and It's bold and eye-catching, incredibly creative and everyone involved, from set stylist to nail technician KILLED every. single. aspect! Obviously I'm in love with this. What do you think?




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