We've done a few collaborations thus far, and one of our faves was with Northern Cali super mom, Ruthie Ridley. We absolutely love her feminine yet always comfy style! When reading her blog, you really get a sense of her bubbly personality and her love for her family (& fashion, of course) bleeds through the pages. 

We were so excited when she reached out, wanting to do a second collaboration, that we decided to make her choice of dress our second Flash Sale item! After reading about Ruthie and her style philosophy, head over to our Flash Sale page to see what's on sale, and how much you'll save. Don't forget, you have to be on our List in order to take advantage of the awesome price we'll be offering through the weekend!

Leave us a comment to let us know what your style philosophy is.


With so many fashion blogs out there, it can be a difficult task to carve out a little space in the blog scene for yourself. Not Ruthie! For someone who's only been blogging for less than a year, she's garnered a very well-deserved following. When I asked her what made her decide to start her fashion blog, she answered, "I am a creative type and if I am not creating, I feel like I am literally dying.  I have had a love for fashion and creating through outfits since high school.  Last year I started Instagramming OOTD's and found that I felt a ceiling with that and wanted to do more.  I decided to launch my blog in January of this year, mainly as a creative outlet.


When you have a child (or THREE!) it's easy to get stuck in a style rut. I know when I first had my little one, I threw on the closest thing to my hands. Sylish? Hardly. Clean? Sometimes. Thank goodness I pulled myself out of that. Ruthie, however, makes it work in a big way! I asked her what fashion rule she thinks everyone should break... her answer?


Don't forget to check out our Flash Sale page to see what piece Ruthie picked & how much you'll save!

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