We've heard so many times, that our pieces are perfect for vacation...just right for finding the perfect backdrop, on the perfect day, and getting the perfect shot for IG. All of this, of course, in the hopes to get your fab image shared & reposted by one (all?) of the many travel-focused Instagram accounts you follow. 

So we thought, where is there a community of travel + style inspiration for those of us who love both?! We searched and couldn't fine one, so we created #TravelinPrints, a FaceBook group dedicated to travel & style lovers like you and me, who want to be inspired by beautiful locales and fashion with stunning backdrops. Even though Vêtu de Joy is completely print-obsessed, #TravelinPrints is more about finding your own personal style, and creating travel memories that make a lasting imprint in your life. 

Please join the group, contribute, and help our little community flourish into the travel + style mecca we know it can be! Share the group with your travel crew so that you can find the perfect place for your group shot, or even get inspired to travel somewhere you hadn't considered before!

But before you run over to our #TravelinPrints FaceBook group, check out the roundup of Travel (and/or Style) lovers to Follow:

1. Brooke Saward 

Straight out of Africa ❤️❤️❤️ outfit details on the blog today! [link in description] #Singitainstameet @singita_

A photo posted by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on


2. SimplyCyn


3. Jessica Nabongo



4. Teri Johnson


5. A Modern Girl's Travels


6. Oneika Raymond

The sweet (T&T) life. #TrinidadAndTobago ************************* New post on the blog. Link in bio.

A photo posted by Oneika Raymond (@oneikatraveller) on


 7. Jasmine Johnson

Beach Day 🌴☺️ • Almost done with my year abroad and making the most of it with one last trip with @viviannab #travel #bali #vsco

A photo posted by ✈️ j a s m i n e j o h n s o n (@scrolldownformore) on


8. Nanda Hempe

9. Ayesha

"There is no cure for curiosity" 👣 | Fes - Morocco

A photo posted by Ayesha (@on_the_wander) on


10. Lee Litumbe


11. Eposi Litumbe

(yep, sisters!)


12. Elena

I'm always in mood for climbing around some ruins, and how about you? 😊 . And loving my @monki dress 💙

A photo posted by Elena (@elenastravelgram) on


13. Modupe S


14. Kash Bhattacharya


15. Warrior and Muse


16. Jessica Stein


17. Olivia Lazuardy


18. Jewels and Travels


19. Africa Miranda


20. Exxeo


21. Kira

When I didn't need to wear a jacket... ☀️ #tajmahal, #agra, #india

A photo posted by K i r a (@kirxxii) on


22. Abbysinia

Truly G R A N D ✨

A photo posted by A B Y S S I N I A (@iamabyssinia) on


23. Chloe


24. Rachel


25. Nicola Easterby


26. Julia

"... Photos, my return ticket to a moment otherwise lost".

A photo posted by Julia | Travel Writer (@lostandfoundtraveller) on

27. Stina

Hello August! Hello Monday, let's make the best of it! #august

A photo posted by S T I N A (@travelwithstina) on


28. Anita

Beautiful #Oia 🇬🇷

A photo posted by Anita✨ (@purelyanita) on


29. Janelle


30. Ndoema


 31. Nneka


32. Rochelle & Abe


33. Krys Marshall

Hues. #marrakech

A photo posted by Krys Marshall (@krysmarshall) on


 34. Las Morenas de España


We hope you hit follow on every one of these inspiring travelers! Now... join us in our #TravelinPrints FaceBook group and let's get the travel + style conversation started!

Mikaela Pabon

Mikaela Pabon



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LOVE THIS POST!! Thank you! Always looking for a good fashionista to watch while traveling! My two favorite things!

— How Not To Travel Like a Basic Bitch

YESSSSS! I’m always looking for new people to follow and new places to go. #blmgirl

— Tiffani